This is a collection of songs that can be used when playing a bard in ArmageddonMUD. Several are humorous and raunchy, befitting the rowdier type of bard, but there are some serious ones as well.
I collected them from various websites and most of them are folksongs, many Irish. Some of them have been adjusted slightly to a Zalanthan setting. If you have thoughts on how to make the lyrics even more in line with the game theme, please mail your suggestions to

Love Raunchy Various

After the Ball
The Rose of Allanak
A Lady Fair
My Love Has Left Me
A Rich Merchant's Daughter
She Moved Through the Fair

The Chandler's Wife
An Unlaid Maid
Roll Me Over
Never Wed an Old Man
What a Ball!

Under the Baobab
End of the Road
When I'm Gone
An Ear for Music
Wild Rover
Lonely Northern Dreams

Humorous War  
Fale Teapot Song
Oh Janni Be Fair
The Tiring Maid
Bring My Brother Back
Allanak Soldier Boy

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